{IMPORTANT} – Save The Date

Hey Dance Family!!


Another amazing week at Dance Dynamix!

The dancers are finishing up their routines and we will have videos to send home so that the dancers are able to practice over spring break!

Mark Your Calendars

As announced a few weekends ago, dancers will participate in an opening number!

This year the entire studio community will be in the opening number! The dancers will start learning their routines this week and we will also send videos home for you to practice over the break.

We are looking at having a rehearsal on May 4th with all of the dancers from  9:00am – 1:00pm to practice our opening number.

Details and schedule for the day will be in you inbox soon, but make sure to mark your calendars!

Picture Week Is Approaching

Picture Week is April 8th – 13th.  More info in picture day will hit you later this week.

Slight slice on the behind the scenes of it all — Miss Jenae has had preliminary meeting with Mr. Rodney (who’s work last year proved that he is aaaahhhmmmaazzziiinngg….last years pictures were gorge) but the cost for digitals was way too expensive.

Miss Jenae’ is 100% sure we are going back to print pictures and packages that you can select. This should decrease the price by about 50%. Again more on this to come! But we are excited about quality pics at an amazing price point!

Time For You To Bust A Move!

The Parent Performance Class kicks off Saturday, April 27th!


Our 6 week Parent Performance class was a hit last year and we can’t wait to see you rock the stage again this year!



Our Annual Studio Awards Banquet is 2 weeks away!!

Time to put on your best outfit, put on your dancin’ shoes and come join us for an afternoon of fun and community!

ALL Dance Dynamix Dancers are Invited!!

Date:  Sunday, April 14th

Location: Oxin Hill Fire Department

Time: 3:00pm – 6:00pm



Sunday, April 14th

Studio Awards Banquet

Oxon Hill Fire Department

3:00pm – 6:00pm

Monday, April 8th – Saturday April 13th

Picture week

Schedule will be in your inbox soon.

Monday, April 15th – Saturday April 22nd


Tuesday, April 6th – April 30th

Exclusive Member Only 2019 -2020 Rolling Registration

Saturday, May 18th

Spring Community Performance

Upper Marlboro Day

We will be sending information soon about call time and performance times for dancers

That’s All For Now! See you soon!


Miss Jaye

This Weeks News You Can Use

Hey Dance Family!!

Screenshot 2019-03-13 at 9.23.22 AM.png

I’ve got a whole lot of thank you’s and shout outs coming your way but before I jump into that first things first with helping you save as much money as possible.


This is the last week to grab camp at the Early bird rate of $250

I REPEAT — This is the last week to grab camp at the Early bird rate of $250


Summer Camp Postcard.png

The members early bird rate of $250 expires 3/31, after that, the price goes up to $275.

Do Not Delay – Register Today and SAVE  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TODAY!

Now that I’ve gotten that money saving shout out, out of the way let’s jump into all the Dance Dynamix class news

Dance Dynamix sure was busy last week!

The dancers are moving nicely through their recital dances and the instructors are working hard to finish up teaching the routine so we can send out videos for you to practice at home over spring break!!

Surprise!! – I bet you weren’t expecting your dancer to come home with costume in hand.  It was sooo good last Saturday to see our dancers in costume. Costume distribution is the #1 sign that recital time is around the corner. If your dancer didn’t get their costume, don’t worry more costumes will be going home in the coming weeks

Company Open Call was amazing!!! Thank you to all the dancers who attended a full day of dance. It was great seeing your dancer embrace challenges and expand their skills during company open call. Keep an eye out to your email for your dancers next steps!

Screenshot 2019-03-26 at 12.32.55 PM.png

I am so glad you all had a good time at Mommy & Me! Thank you to all the Dance Dynamix Diva moms and daughters that attended Mom + Me . I have heard and seen nothing but good things from you via Facebook, Instagram, and the caring thoughts and comments you have emailed or texted about the event.

You asked, we answered!!

The Parent Performance Class

Is starting Saturday, April 27th!

Screenshot 2019-03-26 at 12.47.34 PM.png

We love it when you all form a parent posse and take over the performance stage at recital. Last years parent performance class shut it down and we’re excited to have another 6 week Parent Performance class!

Details and the link to register will be in your inbox soon

Are you ready to celebrate your dancer?

Screenshot 2019-03-13 at 9.47.47 AM.png

Our Annual Studio Awards Banquet is 3 weeks away and

ALL Dance Dynamix Dancers are Invited!!

Date:  Sunday, April 14th

Location: Oxin Hill Fire Department

Time: 3:00pm – 6:00pm

Note – the last email had the wrong time.The event is from 3:00pm – 6:00pm. Sorry for any confusion.

Tickets will go on sale this Friday 3/29/2019



Sunday, April 14th

Studio Awards Banquet

Oxin Hill Fire Department

3:00pm – 6:00pm

Monday, April 15th – Saturday April 22nd


Tuesday, April 6th – April 30th

Exclusive Member Only 2019 -2020 Rolling Registration

Saturday, May 18th

Spring Community Performance

Upper Marlboro Day

Here is information from the website.


We will be sending information soon about call time and performance times for dancers

**Stay tuned for picture day schedule**

We will be hitting your inbox soon with dates for picture day.

That’s All For Now! See you soon!


Miss Jaye

A Pictures Worth 1,000 Words!

Happy Monday Dance Family, 

Jenaé here with one question: 

Can you spot the mom? I mean she blends right in, right 🙂 


Pictures like this, with our dancers doing life together outside the studio are exactly how we know that women’s empowerment starts with girls empowerment!  And it’s how I know that in an age of busyness, social media overload, and a race for the top that your MOM voice matters. 

With a thriving community of moms like you, we couldn’t let Women’s History Month roll by without celebrating.

We are so excited to host Mom & Me or as i’ve heard many of you say “Dynamic Diva’s & Their Daughters”

Join us Sunday March 24th from 2:00 – 4:00 for cupcakes, conversation & cool bonding activities for girls age 4 – 16 and their moms.

This intimate event will include special surprise guest speakers and rapid fire age-appropriate panel style pow-wows! Some tentative topics include:

Multiple Passions – Where to plant to best grow! 

Wildest Dreams – Deepest Fears 

STEM Mania 

Going With Your Gifts 

Self Confidence vs. Self Assurance 

Talk About Uncomfortable Things {Boys, Books, Booty}  

Independence – Skills middle and high school girls need to learn now to “make it” 

Lookout: Eye See You on Social 

And a host of other topics and age appropriate sessions 

Now, most of you know i’m a big visionary and an OK planner so I might have been a little overzealous with the RSVP date of 3/23.

I hate to back it up on you, but after matching the calendar with my mind, the reality is we need to plan out our final age groupings, solidify facilitators, place a cupcake order, and produce all the materials and supplies needed for out event….

With that in mind, to give time to adequately prepare a spectacular event for you, i’m asking that you  

RSVP BY Wednesday 3/20 

This will give me Thursday and Friday to solidify everything and finalize our agenda! 

Looking forward to sending time with you on Sunday March 24th from 2:00 – 4:00 for cupcakes, conversation & cool bonding activities for you and your girls age 4 – 16.

As always, if any questions feel free to reply to this email. 



ps – click here to RSVP 


Happy Friday Dance Family, 

Jenae here again. I hope this message finds you enjoying the spectacular spring weather. 

We’re closing out your week with a Dance Dynamix Dance Company Celebration!! 

image (1).jpg

We are over the moon excited about and BLOWN away at how the entire Dance Dynamix Dance Company (3DC) represented last weekend.

Their first competition was totally a success, but between a 30 day stretch of growth and goals Talk about a COME UP!!

The commitment, the character, the confidence, THE COMMUNITY.

From our….

moms making the improvements to the Wakanda props

to our Dance Dads taking over, pulling an all nighter to hinge up the set boxes,

to the Wakanda make up mom line,

to be prop parents in the set boxes,

to the Starburst Team  bringing ALL the SPUNK to their jazz and tap dance,

to the the Pop Rokx and Sparkx doubling down on their rehearsal time and pulling out ALL the PIZAZZ

to the Fireworkx/Bombshells igniting the stage with ENERGY

to our team Ms. Jaye, Ms. Chi Chi, Ms. Darilyn, Ms. April, Ms. BriDe, Ms. Angel….

A full run down of competition results are below but in the meantime just know this community and care we have for each other and common desire to see our kids grow into amazing humans is irreplaceable.


Super grateful    CYou down with 3DC?  Click Here To RSVP for Company Open Call! 

Our community this year has been crazy with everyone (moms, dads, and grandparents alike) jumping in, doing hair, making a factory lines for hair and make up, transporting props, pressing hems, hinging set boards and the older dancers caring for their little sisters.  Honestly – my feelings are comprised of our entire company unit.  

51779299_322180608415279_3191099901370957824_o (1).jpg

Me & my shadow ya’ll held it down w/ the babies using videos do learn changes. That first extra Friday class I was BLOWN AWAY by how pumped they were to show me their stuff.  They doubled down on rehearsal time with the changes and it paid off!! To go from not making overalls the 1st come to 2nd overall 30 days later is the COME UP of all come ups!!   

53468148_10157120283339813_5505672474563444736_n (1).jpg
54268482_10157120310444813_8212224546535636992_n (1).jpg
54434236_10157120309709813_8126616231894581248_n (1).jpg

Ya’ll our Starbust placed 6th Overall for JAZZ in the JUNIOR category!! In both their pieces they was 10x improvement especially with PERFORMANCE QUALITY . 


And Fireworkx/Bombshells they were working that DISCIPLINE- being drilled in the hallway moments before they took the stage and it payed off.   

53377753_10157120281079813_7681892022164127744_n (1).jpg
53641350_10157120281914813_6336817030808731648_n (1).jpg
54257276_10157120281029813_6496400388982308864_n (1).jpg
54278285_10157036087836726_644711390409392128_n (1).jpg

 WAKANDA – WAKANDA – WAFREAKINGKANDA!! was phenomenal!!!  AAAAAAALLLLLLL the extra rehearsal was WORTH it.

Thank you to Marie, Tiffany, and Mechele for forming the make up line.

Thank you to the dads for making the prop easy to carry, easy to transport, easy to assemble. You all pulled an all nighters at the studio to make it happen and it was so so so so so appreciated!  

Some of the funnest parts of Wakanda is our prop parents come out the box like “ YYYEEESSS, we did it!!” — it’s very rare that we’re able to share the exact same experiences as dancers and parents, but production is one that unites us all. 

Speaking of shared experiences- in honor of women’s history month the studio sent out an email for an afternoon of conversation, cupcakes, and interactive activities you all. We’re excited to facilitate something like this for our studio families and I hope that you and you’re daughters will attend. RSVP BY 12:00PM ON 3/23 



Junior Solos/Trio

Alyssa- Make me Mary: “Full out feeling” judges award, first place elite gold 

Milanna – Kiss: platinum, 10th overall 

Caitlyn-Beautiful: platinum, 9th overall 

Londyn- Fabulous Feet judges award – first place elite gold 

Ayanna, Dominique, Logan – Brave, Honest, Beautiful: first place platinum, 2nd overall  


Me and My Shadow- first place platinum plus, 2nd overall, golden ticket 

Circus- first place platinum, 4th overall 

Boogie Down Baby – platinum, entertainment award, 6th overall Living color – platinum 

Blame it on the boogie – first place platinum plus, “Jazztastic” judges award, 2nd overall, golden ticket 

Teenage dream – first place platinum Don’t worry be happy – first place platinum, 3rd overall 

Bring on the barbz- first place platinum plus, entertainment award, 1st overall regional Champs  

Wakanda. – first place platinum plus,  golden ticket, 1st overall; regional Champs, power pak award, wild intensive invite $300 scholarship  

senior solos/teen duet

McKenzie & Kendall – Watch The throne: first place platinum plus, power pak award, 1st overall; regional Champs

Courtney – No Bad News: platinum, 8th Overall 

Kamryn – Flawless; platinum, 5th Overall  

Lauryn – Wanna Be Happy, platinum plus. 3rd Overall 

We are so so so so very proud of the Dance Dynamix Dance Company. For more pics and bts footage be sure to keep an eye out for our FB and IG stories tomorrow morning!!  See you in the studio tomorrow!  

Always Dancing, Ms. Jenaé 

Click Here to Attend our Women’s Empowerment Mom & Me Event Click Here to Attend Company Open Call 

SPECIAL EVENTS : {Women’s History Month} Mommy & Me!!

Hey dance family! 

Jenaé here!! We’re taking a break from the usual weekly newsletter to bring you all things 

Go-Getter Girl Power!!  

If you’ve been active on any social platforms or keeping up with the news, you know March is Women’s History Month. 

I have to say, reading all the blogs, website content and seeing extra special news segments like “HerStory” has been so inspiring and motivating.

But over the past week it’s really had me thinking that from what I can see in the main stream media, the conversation only includes adult age women….left out of the picture are our young girls….who in a few short years will be the women we’re raising today to be tomorrows leaders.  

Regardless of if your dancer is in the performance program or company program, in the studio, our team really gets the privilege of seeing women’s empowerment start a young age with girls empowerment. 

To celebrate Women’s History Month and grow with our girls in an impactful comprehensive way, we’re excited to host Mommy & Me!! 

IMG_9123 (1).jpg

Join us Sunday March 24th from 2:00 – 4:00 for an interactive conversation, cupcakes, & cool bonding activities for girls age 4 – 16 and their moms. With special surprise guest speakers and rapid fire age-appropriate panel style pow-wows. 

RSVP BY 12:00PM ON 3/23 

This event is open to the public, but space is limited. To give you, our members 1st dibs on securing a spot for you and your daughter we won’t start talking about it publicly until Saturday. But feel free to pass to your friends and family who may want to attend. 

We’re looking forward to chatting about real life, leadership and legacy with you!

Looking for some Mommy Me Time aka time with NO Kids???

The Syncopated Ladies are performing tomorrow 3/14 at the National Gallery of Art for their Evenings At the Edge series. 

In celebration of Women’s History Month tomorrows theme is Wonder Women  

The even is FREE, but RSVP is required – Click Here to scoop a ticket 

It’s sure to be a good time with good women!

Okkk that’s all for now!  I’ll be back in your inbox on Friday with more of my WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS mantra sharing a celebration of the amazing job our dance company members did last weekend at competition. 

Continue to have a great week! 


Check Out The Parent Perspective!

Hey Dance Family!!

hello march.jpg

I can’t believe it’s March!

This month is going to be filled with lots of FYI’s, reminders, and need to knows.

Read carefully, make sure you jot these dates down and set reminders in your phones for all that is in store for you and your dancer this upcoming month.

Want to know the story behind this picture ?

Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 11.42.40 AM.png

Behind every great Dance Dynamix Company (3DC) Team is a squad of even greater parent supporters!!

We’ve been talking about 3DC for your dancers but I wanted to take some time to let you know a little secret. The parents really have all the fun and are just as much a team as their kids.  

As important as it is for dancers to learn to work as a team, it’s amazing for us to watch our parents become a team as well.

Most of the parents in this picture perfect selfie have been apart of the 3DC for 5+ years.

The bond they have built together is key when it comes down to our #3DC family feel.

We see you all chattin’ it up in the lobby while your dancer is in class and it warms our hearts to know real relationships are being created by having your dancer at Dance Dynamix.

I know that you would be a perfect addition to our 3DC family!

So whip out your calendar and….


Company Open Call is  

March 23rd

Any Dance Dynamix dancer age 3+ is eligible to attend.


Terrific Tots & Rockn’ Rhythm

Saturday, March 23rd: 9:45 – 10:45

Sparkle Steps & Glitter Girls

Saturday, March 23rd: 11:00am – 12:00am

Diamond Dancer & Teens

Saturday, March 23rd: 1:00pm – 2:30pm

Join us for Company Open Call!!


RSVP for Company Open Call closes Wednesday, March 23rd


So what are these camps all about??

I know you’ve been glancing through all the special things about our summer camp, but over the next few weeks I am going to dive into what each camp will offer your dancer and why it will be a great way for your dancer to spend their summer.

Here is the inside scoop of our first summer camp session

Dance Craze

IMG_1634 (2).jpg
camp 1.JPG

Dance Craze’s have dominated the year. In this hip hop camp, your kid will take the latest dance crazes and learn how to make them flow in cool choreography. Your dancer will light up to learn new dance moves and styles as well as some of the dance styles they already know and love.


Every dancer loves to feel cool and finding their inner swag is what this camp is all about. It is guaranteed that your dancer will feel like the hottest thing walking during these fun filled weeks of camp.


Join us and sign up today!

Session 1: wk 1 June 17th – June 21st

Session 1: wk 2 June 24th – June 28th

Click Here To Secure Your Spot Today

Annual Studio Awards Banquet

Hey, what’s this?

For all of our new dance families who joined us this dance year, the annual studio awards banquet is an event you don’t want to miss 🙂

Screenshot 2019-03-04 at 3.01.50 PM.png

Our Annual Studio Awards Banquet is the special time of the year where our ENTIRE studio community comes together to celebrate an amazing dance year with an amazing dance family <3.

We have been thinking through a few dates to host this special event and we have tentatively scheduled it for Sunday, April 7th

The goal is 100% attendance! We would love to have a packed house of all of our Dance Dynamix Community!

An RSVP will be sent out soon so you can invite your friends and family to celebrate your dancer on this amazing day.

That’s All For Now! See you soon!


Miss Jaye

We Love You

Hey Dance Family!!

Thanks so much for joining us for Parents Watch Week!

Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 11.41.17 AM.png
Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 11.41.33 AM.png
Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 11.42.02 AM.png
Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 11.42.16 AM.png

Your dancer has been making great progress and we loved having you in class to see their growth first hand!

Are you wondering How your dancer can join the Dance Dynamix Dance Company?

Well here’s their chance!!  

Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 11.43.01 AM.png

Company Open call starts Monday, March 18th!!


Company Open Call Week is  

March 18th – March 23rd

Any Dance Dynamix dancer age 3+ is eligible to attend.

Note – schedule for the week will be in your inbox soon, but for now block that week out in your calendar to have your dancer attend!

What’s the Dance Dynamix Dance Company?

The Dance Dynamix Dance Company (DDDC) is an award-winning dance company compiled of young dancers who LOVE dance without any extra parent push. These dancers love to perform, thrive in a challenging environment and aspire to develop their dance technique and artistry in a team based environment.

Company members train in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, & Hip Hop.  

2018 – 2019 Company members will be selected from our student base through a Company Open Call. Company Open Call is when your dancer, for one week, attends existing company classes to see if they too will could benefit from the increased challenge that Company classes bring.  

Company members are selected and placed on a specific company team based a combination of factors.  But generally dancers are invited based on their inherent love for dance, positive attitude, dedication and leadership.  

Participation on DDDC enables dancers to develop dance skills, but more importantly, it gives them the opportunity to learn critical life skills, which they will carry with them into adulthood. DDDC members learn commitment, dedication, self-confidence, teamwork, how to work under pressure and how to accept triumph and defeat in a gracious manner.

DDDC represents Dance Dynamix and competes in regional competitions and proudly holds several National Titles as well.

Company Open Call Week is   

March 18th – March 23rd

Any Dance Dynamix dancer age 3+ is eligible to attend.

Here’s Some More Dance Dynamix Dance Company Info:

  • DDDC is broken up in to several teams based on skill level, maturity, and social development
  • Company dancers attend a required to attend a Summer Intensive during the 1st two weeks in August. This years Intensive dates are Aug 5th – Aug 16th
  • During the dance academic year, Company dancers take between 2 – 6 hours of class per week based their team placement

We’d  L O V E  to see your dancer during COMPANY OPEN CALL!!!

Open call week will be from: March 18th – March 23rd

Registration is now open to the public and are coming in fast!

Don’t miss out on this

download (2).png

Buy one week get one week FREE!

Summer Camp is open to boys & girls ages 5 -11 yrs old

Click Here To Secure Your Spot Today!!

DON’T FORGET – For MEMBERS ONLY age requirement is 4 yrs old

Dance Camp Registration is Open

Click Here To Secure Your Spot Today!

Only 25 spots per camp week

That’s all for now! See you soon!

Are You In?

Hey Dance Family!!

While your dancer was learning and growing with Miss BriDe and Miss Angel at the studio. Our Dance Dynamix Dance Company (3DC) did an amazing job at competition this weekend!!

Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 11.50.23 AM.png
Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 11.49.55 AM.png
Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 11.50.45 AM.png
Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 11.51.35 AM.png

The ladies left their hearts on the stage and we couldn’t be more proud!

The competition was super hard, but 3DC earned lots of High Gold, Platinum, Top Overall, and All Star Achievements.

We also did our first ever production, WAKANDA, and it was AWESOME!!

Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 11.55.09 AM.png

Special thanks to our prop parents we couldn’t have done it without you!

Thanks everyone who watched live and cheered on 3DC.  

It is great to have a supportive community!!



Parents Watch Week Is Here!

It’s time to see your dancer in class!

Screenshot 2019-02-04 at 12.21.53 PM.png
Screenshot 2019-02-04 at 12.22.40 PM.png

Parents watch week is on

Saturday, February 16th

This is an opportunity for your dancer to have two guest observe her while she takes class!

  • Make sure to mark your calendar cause our staff and your dancer would love for you to observe class!
  • Dancers love applause – Parents day is interactive – be sure to give your dancers lots of love when you see their skills
  • Feel free to bring your phone and snap pictures – but be sure to step out if there’s an important call that you have to take

Are you In?

For Summer 2019 we are offering camps as

Buy one week get one week FREE!



Summer Camp is open to boys & girls ages 5 -11 yrs old

Click Here To Secure Your Spot Today!!

SPECIAL UPDATE – we were overwhelmed with emails from dancers who are currently 4yrs old so we’ve lowered the age limit for current dancers.  For MEMBERS ONLY age requirement is 4yrs 6months!!

Registration is Open

Click Here To Secure Your Spot Today!

Only 25 spots per camp week: Registration Opens to the Public Monday Feb 18th

That’s all for now! See you soon!